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We want to make the law less of a trial for you, our client. 

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Our promise is this - we will help you to understand all of your legal rights and obligations, so you can make sense from the confusion, noise and complications of the law.  Then together we can make a decision that is right for you.

Because our firm is a network of highly experienced lawyers, you will receive all the dedicated service and attention that you would expect from a skilled legal practitioner plus all the benefits of a larger practice behind the scenes.

What do you want from your legal adviser?  

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Best Commercial Law Firm - Australia 

It is with great pleasure that we announce the above award as voted by Acquisition International, the prestigous UK based publisher for the global corporate landscape.  For a link to the announcement click here and for a copy of the article from the magazine click here.



Timbercorp Borrowers - Settlement deeds

Were you a borrower under the failed Timbercorp scheme?  If you are looking for legal advice in relation to any proposed settlement deeds, please contact this office and we will be happy to assist.