NewLaw approach

Departing from tradition we are a responsive "NewLaw" niche legal practice, specialising across our Practice Areas and delivering 'fit-for-purpose' legal services. 


Client focused

Offering a range of pricing options from the billable unit to value-based output pricing, we are cost conscious lawyers aiming to intimately involve you at all times in the services you receive. Our clients are drawn broadly including individuals, business, companies, charities and not-for-profits. Whoever you are - we are interested in helping.


Custom Technology

Using state-of-the-art, cloud based technology and software to deliver our services securely, professionally and efficiently while adopting a sensible project-management approach.


T-Bone Lawyers

Our lawyers have competencies and experience across many areas of life and law, with depth and expertise in selected legal specialties.


Free consultations

Offering a free initial consultation to discuss, meet and better understand your needs and requirements.


Working Together

Encouraging all our clients, new and current, to be familiar with the roles and obligations of working with us by clicking on this link to a brochure hosted by the LPLC.



Brand Protection in the Digital Age

William Mulholland in his presentation "The Brand, the Whole Brand & Nothing but the Brand" talks about protecting your most important business asset at a recent seminar attended by business owners.



Going to VCAT?

VCAT is a very busy tribunal.  Last year it received nearly 86,000 applications and resolved 87,000 cases.  With 4 main divisions: Civil, Residential Tenancies, Administrative and Human Rights - should you require help filing an application or responding to a claim then contact us for assistance.  To help you get started here is a useful 'Preparing to go to VCAT Fact Sheet' .