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Media, Social Media + Entertainment Lawyers

Providing skill + experience

We have extensive experience acting for clients in these sectors.  

We understand the nuances of dealing with legal challenges and issues that may arise in this unique area of practice.  

With the rise of social media defamation and injurious falsehood claims, it is also important to have the right advice about commentary on social media platforms relating to individuals and companies.

There is a real growth in this area of the law.  

Digital marketing strategies and personal social media posts can lead to rash or inappropriate responses, misunderstandings or fallacious replies.

We are skilled at advising clients across these areas and provided common sense solutions to legal issues in this dynamic and creative sector.  
As entertainment lawyers we act for individual artists, theatre and film producers (including members of Live Performance Australia), writers, directors and other entities from partnerships to production companies providing advice in relation to the interface between the law and creative endeavours.

Our entertainment lawyers provide expert advice and assistance in a range of areas including:

If you are working in any part of the media, arts or entertainment industry and require some common sense legal advice please contact us.

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