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When William first assisted our Group, we were struck by his solution focused approach to complex commercial matters. For this very reason – twelve years on – William continues to provide support and advise to our team. William is much more than a savvy lawyer – he is a trusted friend.

Andrew Horton
CEO Didasko Group of Companies

I can highly recommend the services of William Mulholland and Co, I recently had a matter dealt with in a highly professional manner in a positive time frame that resulted in an outcome I was very pleased with. Its a great feeling to have confidence in your legal representation and that’s what you get with this firm.

Peter Anderson
Private Client

I feel rather fortunate to have engaged William. Consistent, communicative, professional and expansive at all times, he handled my case with aplomb and in a timely manner. His sensible advice and prudent decision making were much appreciated and helped me to get a favourable result. I recommend you considering William Mulholland to attend to your legal matters.

Gregory R Blake
Private Client

Mass Energy Australia where very happy with William Mulholland’s commercial business advice and legal service. It was great to deal with a lawyer that outlined the latest risks in commercial business and what we could do to protect consumers and ourselves.

John Jacob
Mass Energy Australia

William was the only lawyer out of the selection that I was researching that went the extra step, and showed both a caring and professional approach to my unique situation. This ‘sold’ his services, and he lived up to his word and even went beyond. He was fast, reliable, followed up everything, and made me aware of all the ‘worst case scenarios’. I have no hesitation in recommending his services to others and would use him again in the future. Thanks so much for everything William.

Kristy Mafodda
Private Client

Having known William personally for over 20 years I did not even bother going elsewhere when considering my choice of counsel in assisting with the purchase of a new business. Although I know many from the legal fraternity I chose him for his professionalism, hands on approach and cost effectiveness. His expertise, eye for detail and broad knowledge of day to day legislation that impacts small business made him a perfect fit for the task. My new venture has been going gangbusters thanks to the great start I made with William’s assistance. I would thoroughly recommend his service in all matters where general counsel is required.

Gary Shepard
Private Client

William Mulholland’s experience contributed greatly within our international educational enterprise based in Melbourne. His commercial astuteness sped up our legal process, saved us unnecessary costs and delivered acceptable outcomes. Particularly his work on business and product contracts and Intellectual Property was very valuable. Can highly recommend his professional legal services.

Chris Curtis
Pearson VUE

William Mulholland’s no nonsense approach to our matter resulted in an outcome we were very pleased with. William’s highly professional manner, left us feeling confident that any future legal advise/ representation will be dealt with by William.

Adam Gras
APG Electrical

William’s service and efficiency was excellent and his clarity around the law and the issue gave me a lot of trust in his capacity to represent me. I have no hesitation in engaging him again or referring his service to others.

Steve Andrew
Carbon Balance

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