William Mulholland + Co Lawyers

Defamation + Litigation

Advising in defamation, litigation + dispute resolution

We have years of experience and skill in assisting clients in defamation, commercial and civil litigation across a range of courts and jurisdictions.

We have lawyers that are proficient in helping you deal with each step in the process and ensuring you understand at all times what is going on and assisting you in preparing for future steps.

Defamation can be confusing at the best of times.  If someone has published material that you think is defamatory, get in touch and we will talk it through to see what rights you may have under law.

We know that going to court can be both financially and emotionally stressful, so we take care to work with you in developing a strategy that aims to provide the most efficient outcome.

After consulting with you, we will then agree to pursue the avenue which is best for you including dispute resolution, mediation, arbitration or formal court-based litigation.  

We have had extensive experience in assisting our clients in the following jurisdictions:

The types of disputes we have been involved in are wide and varied, including:

If you or your business has been served with a court document or need help in dealing with a dispute, contact us to see how we can best deal with your circumstances in a timely and cost efficient manner. We are happy to provide a half-hour free consultation to discuss how we can best be of service in relation to exploring appropriate dispute resolution or going to court.  

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