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Chris Bolden – Consultant Lawyer

Chris is a senior intellectual property and commercial lawyer, and has considerable experience in the areas of intellectual property, information technology, business structures and licensing. Chris has a Bachelor of Economics and Bachelor of Laws from the Australian National University in Canberra, and was admitted to practice in March 1990. Prior to establishing his own firm in July 2001, Chris worked at a senior level in a number of prominent boutique Melbourne Law firms, and he is committed to providing pro-active advice and service to clients in a manner that adds value to their business.

Chris has a wealth of experience in intellectual property and information technology law, and can help clients protect and commercialise their inventions and brands, and take advantage of business opportunities on the internet and in e-commerce. His practical approach together with his considerable experience in a wide range of commercial matters enables Chris to assist clients in a wide range of matters, particularly relating to intellectual property, information technology and commercial law.

Chris enjoys negotiating and drafting a range of commercial agreements, whether relatively simple or more complex. He has considerable experience in assisting clients to establish an appropriate business structure, and in negotiating and drafting intellectual property and information technology licensing agreements, as well as shareholder and investment agreements.

Although his main focus is on helping clients to stay out of court, Chris has a lot of litigation experience in most court jurisdictions. This enables Chris to resolve matters quickly and efficiently, avoiding unnecessary costs and wastage of time if it becomes necessary to go to court to protect your interests.

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