William Mulholland + Co Lawyers

Legal Advice for Businesses in Melbourne

Providing the right commercial legal advice for business

As general commercial and business lawyers, we aim at finding the right legal solutions and dealing with commercial realities that business face every day.

We provide a range of legal services to business and enterprise and look forward to assisting if you are looking to start, buy or sell a business.

The type of work we do as business lawyers includes:

    1. Convertible Notes, equity and debt financing
    2. SAFE (Simple Agreement for Future Equity) agreements
    3. Partnership Agreements
    4. Shareholder/Unitholder Agreements
    5. Licensing Arrangements
    6. Joint Ventures 
    7. Franchises
    1. Terms and Conditions/Credit Applications/Guarantee and Indemnity
    2. Australian Consumer Law and trade practices
    3. Competition and Consumer Act obligations
    4. Commercial and Civil Litigation
    • Client and Supplier Terms and Conditions
    • Loan Agreements and security registration
    • Licensing and Distribution Agreements
    • Confidentiality and Restraint Agreements
    • Personal Property Securities Act + Register
    • Commercial Leases
    • Retail Leases
    • Transfers, Assignments + Sub Letting
    • Sale of Property
    • Share Sales
    • Purchase and Sale of Business
    • Purchase + Sale of Assets
    • Letters of demand
    • Statutory demands under the Corporations Act
    • Civil proceedings for debt recovery

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