William Mulholland + Co Lawyers


Niche Network

William Mulholland + Co Lawyers is a niche firm of networked lawyers with offices in  Elsternwick, Melbourne and Canberra.

Formed in 2002 by William Mulholland we are in the business of providing cost effective, personalised and common-sense solutions to legal issues.

We are each individually licensed Australian Legal Practitioners running our respective businesses, providing quality legal services across our areas of expertise. 

Given our size we can be nimble and respond quickly to our client’s requirements.  

Where necessary, we can bring in other professionals including barristers and experts to deal with any issues as they arise.

Custom Technology

We use state-of-the-art cloud based practice software matter management, to ensure timely and responsive client service delivery. 

This includes Leap Legal Software, Microsoft Office 365 and MYOB Essentials.

This means we can access your matter from our offices or when we are out and about via smart phones or tablets.

We take seriously our commitment to you by providing practical and affordable solutions.  

Our focus is on you and best addressing your legal needs.

We provide legal services in a timely and efficient manner using ‘Plain English’ and regular communication to keep you informed on progress. 

Pricing Options

We are a “New Law” firm and offer traditional time based billing or output/value based pricing.

Adopting project management principles, we aim to deliver legal services based on client expectations and not legal inputs.

“The billable hour has been a mainstay of the legal profession for decades.  But times have changed … we need to start considering alternative pricing models that move the focus from hours to quality.” 

Michael Brett Young, Former CEO, Law Institute of Victoria

Ask us about our agreed pricing options where we agree on a fixed price with you up-front, so you may have certainty in relation to the return on your legal investment.

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