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William Mulholland – Principal

Prior to becoming a lawyer, William was a former professional performer who appeared in the original Melbourne cast of ‘Cats’.  His professional background also includes working as an executive with the Federal Government and Arts Victoria, a Ministerial Adviser to the Premier’s Department (Victoria) and as a Search Consultant to some of the world’s leading international executive search firms. William has a Bachelor of Economics from ANU, a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Laws (Hons) and Masters of Commerce (Hons) (Melbourne University).

William commenced his legal career in a prestigious boutique commercial firm where he worked on a range of commercial matters and advised a number of high profile individuals from the entertainment industry (including Kylie Minogue, Tina Arena, Hugh Jackman and other clients) as well as a number of very successful business clients and some of Australia’s leading commercial theatrical producers.  It was during this time that he developed his legal skills in general commercial work, intellectual property and commercial litigation. He then set out to build his own practice while consulting to a Sydney-based commercial firm specialising in financial services and corporate structuring.

William has also acted for a wide range of publicly listed companies and SMEs in commercial and corporate matters including corporate structuring, IP protection, and drafting commercial agreements. His work also includes assisting clients in understanding and dealing with court processes, commercial litigation and dispute resolution.  He also enjoys working with selected clients in the not-for-profit sector.

In addition to legal work, William is a regular presenter, facilitator and professional speaker and enjoys presenting to clients, associations and leading industry organizations on the new areas of law including the Australian Consumer Law, the Personal Property Securities Act plus intellectual property protection covering trademarks, copyright and brand protection. He is regularly invited to speak at industry seminars and conferences, which is both educational and enjoyable.

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